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luther king january 1960 three. another gathering is planned for wednesday. president obama is expected to be there. we will have live coverage. here you can see some of the people visiting the martin luther king jr. memorial. this is the part of the memorial called the "don't hope hope."ne [indiscernible crowd noise] >> hold up, hold up, hold up. >> okay, okay. >> stay on the sidewalk, please. [indiscernible crowd noise] [indiscernible crowd noise] >> we know the hope, determination, and dedication. [indiscernible crowd noise] [indiscernible crowd noise] >> that took you long enough. >> hi, mom. hi, mom. >> it's c-span. [indiscernible crowd noise] ♪ [indiscernible crowd noise]
the dream and vision of martin luther king. >> the anniversary of the speech is this wednesday. president obama will deliver a speech that night from the lincoln memorial. >>> we have some drier air moving into the baltimore area. we're looking at changing temperatures over the weekend. looking nice this weekend, right wyatt? >> it looks like things are going to shape up nice for us. still some showers just barely inside state lines toward virj virj virginia. temperatures, 59, 73 in baltimore and 64 in perry hall. overnight, fallingthrough the 60s, that's about it and into the 70s quickly tomorrow. dryer, milder and sunny scenario throughout the weekend. . >>> okay, thanks. presidentobama says he's in no rush to involve this done trir in a new a -- country in a new war with syria. in a response, the president was cautious. he saidthe idea that the u.s. can solve syria's civil war is overstated. syria denies launching a chemical attack. . >>> the california attorney general has opened a criminal investigation into the action of san diego mayor who now agrees to quit. the city council un
th anniversary of the mark on washington and dr. martin luther king, jr's "i have a dream" speech. another marching ceremony will take place and president obama will speak from the steps of the lincoln memorial. >>> three days before his historic march on washington, back in 1963, dr. martin luther king jr. appeared on nbc's "meet the press." >> i don't think our society h rise to its full maturity until we come to see that men are made to live together as brothers and that we can have again win intergroup and interpersonal living and still be in the kind of society which we all long to achieve. >> this sunday, 50 years after that interview, nbc will air a special edition of "meet the press" "remembering the dream." i spoke. moderator david gregory about the special and he says it's a look back and a look forward. >> it is referencing and seeing this appearance on "meet the press" and then 50 years later talking about what the american dream means now. not just in terms of civil rights and equality for african-americans, but for all americans since the american dream and the promi
, marched, stood up, fled,. it was what martin luther king called creative suffering. resident obama testifies to the progress we have made, which would have not been possible if it were not for the millions sacrificed and races -- sacrificed and raises. we shall not rest nor shall we be satisfied by the things now stand. too many people are still in islands of poverty and any quality. too many have no voice in our democracy because they are told they have no valid id with which to vote or they have to choose between going to work or the polls today. we will not rest, that is our pledge today. it was our pledge in 1963. god bless you. [applause] >> next up, the first female speaker of the united states house of representatives. minority leader and i would like to call her madam president, nancy pelosi. >> i guess it is still morning. good morning, everyone. as a member of the leadership of the congress of the united states, it is my official privilege to welcome so many of you to washington i join my colleagues and associate myself with the remarks of those from congress who have spo
martin luther king's most famous speech. has his dream become a reality? >> first, tonight, president obama has asked the pentagon for military actions -- military options in syria and that's according to defense secretary chuck hagel. , the news comes on the heels of appalling new pictures from syria, the images taken soon after the alleged chemical weapons attack. wee want to warn you the pictures we're about to show you are extremely graphic. charles stratford has a report from syria. >> there seems little doubt that some kind of chemical weapon killed these people. this was shot by an independent journalist for itv news. children on their side, their faces contorted in pain, frozen in the agonizing moments they died. whatever killed these people killed indiscriminately, a cat, a flock of sheep and only feet away a small crater and exploded metal. evidence witnesses say of one of the missiles that delivered whatever ended these people's lives. >>> it was a small explosion, when we went down to see what's going on we smelt a strange odor. people says we needed to go upstairs because
the next few days leading up to wednesday's speech by president obama who will stand where martin luther king jr., stood 50 years ago when he made that famous "i have a dream" speech. >> we can hear the music behind you. thank you. joining us from austin texas, with more is cbs news presidential historian douglas brinkley. good morning. >> good morning. >> when people think about the march they think about the speech. we heard a snippet of it in the story. that speech wasn't planned. that segment of it. was it? >> not at all. dr. king gave some of the lines, particularly i have a dream, in cobo hall in detroit and also in chicago. he ended up writing out a different speech and about 300 copies were mass circulated to the press. everybody thought they knew what dr. king would say. lo and behold, he started off normal. but mahala jackson, a great gospel singer said tell them about the dream, martin. tell them about the dream. she knew he would get into a pastoral or the role of the minister. he started with the cadence we foe well from the southern baptist church. when
. on that day, president obama will deliver a speech from the steps of the lincoln memorial, the same exact spot that dr. martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech 50 years ago. lester? >> nbc's kristen welker in washington, thanks. >>> nbc wants to hear from you share your dream with your fellow americans. simply record a short video saying "i have a dream that," and fill in the blank. post it on twitter and facebook using #dreamday, and let your voice be heard. and this program note tomorrow, "meet the press" will rebroadcast an hour-long interview with dr. king recorded august 25th, 1963, three days before the "i have a dream" speech. second hour with host david gregory will address where that dream is today. >>> when "nbc nightly news" continues for this saturday, the can do spirit of gary, indiana's mayor on a mission. city on the ropes now poise ford a rebound. >>> and you might be surprised what's waiting for you at your local library these days. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. b
.] >> neck week marks the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. during the historic civil rights march on washington, an african american president but the country has a long way to go. one of president obama's mentors, charles ogletree reflects how far we have come as a nation >> the march on washington happened in 1963. i was jut 10 years old then. my parents were very keen in watching it and trying to understand on the black and white t.v. what this meant. who was doctor king? talking about jobs, talking about freedom. it was a great event, and now, 50 years later, where are we? i think dr. king gave us the plan. now it's up to us to complement it. where are we in the year 2013, looking back at dr. king's dream in 1963. and i have to say quite honestly is that it's, in some sense, the best of times and the worst of times. we have not made the progress that i expected us to make in the 50 years. if you think about it, some of the very same things that king talked about in 1963 are now issues with san francisco americans and america in the year 2013. th
. >> reporter: thank you. president obama will be speaking at another event here at lincoln memorial continuing this contins commemoration of martin luther king's speech and the rally 50 years ago that is etched in the history books of the united states. >> thank you so much. still to come in the news hour, facing trial for the death of protesters in egypt, both the leaders of muslim brotherhood and mubarak get their day in court. >>> and in sport, hamilton reigns. qualifying for the belgium grand prix coming up. >> another leading figure in the muslim brotherhood has been arrested in egypt. he's charged with inciting violence outside of the muslim brotherhood's headquarters in march. well, egypt's government is relaxing the nationwide curfew by two hours. meanwhile, the protests are continuing, albeit on a smaller scale. people have been marching throughout the day. protesters blocked the road in the nasr city district of cairo. they also gathered in the main square. and demonstrators have been out in the streets south of the capitol. we're live in the egyptian capitol. how should we interpret
everything in the worst floods in a century. and 50 years after martin luther king jr. shared his vision people in the u.s. march again for equal rights. >> u.s. president barack obama is with his security visorse adt the white house to discussion their options. the u.s. navy is reported the expanding its presence in the see the ship in the region. meanwhile the u.n.'s top disarmament official arrived in syriac and angle can kane wants access to the site of wednesday alleged chemical attack, we have the latest pictures of the attack, a warning, you may find some of them upsetting. [ crying ] >> the two tiny bodies hang limp in his arms. what will i do now, crisis the father, a man destroyed by grief. pictures like these of the many men, women and children indiscriminately killed by what all evidence suggests was a chemical attack and shocks the world. the syrian government still refuses access by inspectors. an agreement only to expect the sites of three previous chemical weapons attacks took place. there may be signs of a beginning of a shift in u.s. policy. defense secretary chuck hage
san francisco's power and water supplies. teresa garcia is on the scene. 50 years after martin luther king shared his dream, thousands of people retrace his steps. jeff pegues is on the washington mall. >> i'm not prepared to sit down and give up. >> axelrod: president obama weighs military options against syria, even as the regime denies responsibility for chemical attacks. holly williams has the latest. and school's out, but this bus has been bringing meals to hungry children all summer. don dahler takes us on a lunch break. >> they help you be healthy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight in california where firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in and around yosemite national park. it's threatening the power and water supply some 150 miles to the west in san francisco. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency as 2600 firefighters battled the nearly 200 square mile fire. right now, just 5% of the fire is under control. as teresa garcia reports, the flames are moving toward a rese
obama now is positioned to pick up the torch and carry what martin luther king advocated for and believed in and fought for, and because now we really have a new set of challenges in front of us in a new age, and i do believe that with the political climate in this country right now there is only one president obama can go. he is not going to be facing re-election. he can be a real leader as he closes out his term to push for civil rights, social justice, to make sure the vote is protected, and michael eric dyson, i think the president is uniquely positioned in history right now to be able to capture what has been delivered here today and carry it through a process of completion. >> part of barack obama's genius, being able to absorb all the environment around him, repurpose it for what lies ahead of him, because he faces a unique challenge no other black man in history faced, the leader of the free world and most powerful black figure in the history of this country and out of his own existential and personal experience to a broad nation and i think he will fill himself u
festivities for that day as well. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, you've got obviously president barack obama will be right back here, commemorating the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. he'll be joined by former presidents bill clinton and jimmy carter, and a lot of big hollywood stars as well wrr, ja foxx, oprah winfrey, leann rimes, it's just the beginning of looking back at what this march meant. >> chris lawrence, at the national mall for that. thank you very much for that. >>> coming up, who is the next martin luther king jr.? does this generation have a voice to inspire their generation like dr. luther king did? we'll talk it over with mark merial. >>> and i sat down with hip-hop pioneer russell simmons and talked about the issues facing african-american youth. we agreed on some, we disagreed on others. you'll see the interview at 6:30 on cnn. >>> hannah anderson prayed for her mother and brother at a public memorial service today. authorities say family friend james dimaggio killed christina and 8-year-old ethan anderson and kidnapped 16-year-old hann
really just kicks off a week of commemoration, culminating wednesday when president barack obama will be here on the steps of the lincoln memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >> chris, thank you very much. >>> dr. martin luther king jr. was a voice that inspired an entire generation and as we remember his i have a dream speech today, we look for new leaders to carry the torch. who is today's martin luther king jr.? do we need a martin luther king jr. type? can we ever soar to those heights again? do we need someone to ignite the fight for equality and the passion for fairness or is dr. king simply irreplaceable? i want to bring in someone who can help me answer this, he probably can, mark mariel, he's joining us from washington. i know the sun is setting there you are not trying to look cool. it's right in your face. >> the sun is very bright, don, yeah. >> when you look at today's leaders, sir, do you see reminders of martin luther king jr. in anyone? as i was looking at it, i was saying, is it
of a background in politics. i wonder from the standpoint from people around barack obama, trying to get him ready for this moment. he's going to be speaking where martin luther king spoke 50 years ago. how do you think he's preparing for this and his staff is preparing for him. it almost seems like an impossible challenge. >> this held up as one of the great speeches in american history and which is funny as a side note because we look at it as this iconic moment in american history and everyone rallied around how that was a great moment and at the time, this was a dissident act that much of the white establishment, many of the people in america were not supportive of this event and it's important to recognize that history. that being said, to answer your question, barack obama does have a very tall order ahead of him to try to match the moment, but we know in the past, as amanda said, his oratory skills have never been in doubt in terms of the preparation. look, you can't try to do what the king and other people did that day. he has to be his own speaker and he will rise to that moment. >> you a
. and at the proper time, god will bring forth people. i'm confident that when we ha-- have another martin luther king? doubt f doubtful. but we don't need another martin luther king. we have his speeches, we have his spirit. we didn't know there would be a barack obama until the last minute. >> that makes me think of when you were participating on that inauguration day, and the shadows of the capitol are directly in line with the lincoln memorial and that reflecting pool. did you think about all that's taken place in your lifetime within that 50-year span and your participation in it? >> i have been told that when i got up there, i could see both the lincoln memorial and the washington monument. there was a little haze and it wasn't very clear, it was cold that day, and these old eyes had been straining for 88 years at the time. and i didn't see it as clearly as i wanted to, but god moves in a mysterious way. he let me hear what i couldn't see. and i heard, as i was standing in the voice of a young preacher, 40 years earlier standing at the lincoln memorial, summoning the nation to come up out of the
by martin luther king jr. on august 28, 1963. the anniversary itself is wednesday when another gathering is planned and president obama will be here. we'll have live coverage on c-span and c-span radio of that appearance. if you missed any of the rally that just ended we'll show you ighlights from that rally. >> for those of us who are from the south, 50 years ago we received our marching orders hen the prophet dr. king jr. quoted the prophet isiah, that have a dream. this is our hope. this is the faith that we go back to the south with. those are our marching orders. this is the faith that we go back to the south with. yes, the south where some are still trying to fight the civil war. yes, the south. where we are witnessing this vicious attack on voting rights and the blatant voter suppression by one particular political party. es, the south where young boys can't walk the street of his father's neighborhood without eing profiled, confronted, stalked, and finally murdered. watched over 45 days where governor because of the relentless protests of 20 plus,000 people reluctantly appointed
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)